Anti Doping Rules

ANTI-DOPING Doping, the road to nowhere Bodybuilding and Fitness are both Sport & Healthy Lifestyle. Bodybuilding and Fitness principles are based on the combination of proper nutrition and regular weight training; applied to achieve physical athletic excellence. Bodybuilding and Fitness are therefore sports  clearly linked with health; being also by themselves among the most effective … Read more


IFBB FITNESS CHALLENGE RULES. September 2021. IFBB FITNESS CHALLENGE 2021 consists of a circuit with strength exercises in 6 stations where athletes try to perform the maximum number of repetitions in 2 minutes.  Categories are established and athletes compete with each other demonstrating their maximum physical performance.  It is dedicated to athletes who prioritize muscle … Read more


RULES The Rules are provided in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for proper viewing. IFBB General Rules (2021) [DOWNLOAD] IFBB General Rules (2021) DOWNLOAD Pro card requirements. (2021) [DOWNLOAD] Pro card requirements. (2021) DOWNLOAD Men´s Classic Physique Rules (2021) [DOWNLOAD] Men´s Classic Physique Rules (2021) DOWNLOAD Men’s Bodybuilding Rules (2021) [DOWNLOAD] Men’s Bodybuilding … Read more


Our official Judges,Coaches & Athletes Seminar directed by the IFBB Judges Commitee Chairman, Mr. Pawel Filleborn will take part the 15th September at 15:00h in the FIBES venue. Due the celebration of Arnold Sports Festival Europe 2022, It’s an important ocassion to update IFBB Rules in all categories, basics in competent refereeing and errors in … Read more


ANTI-DOPING WHISTLEBLOWING IFBB WHISTLEBLOWING FORM The anti-doping intelligence received through this “IFBB Whistleblowing Form” is handled securely and confidentially. The sources of intelligence are protected and all submitted information is sent to a private e-mail. Feel free to get in touch with IFBB and share information related to doping or any suspected breach of the … Read more


ANTI-DOPING WHISTLEBLOWING INTELLIGENCE AND WHISTLEBLOWERS IFBB developed this section called “WHISTLEBLOWING”, where you can get in touch with IFBB and share information related to doping in total confidence. In this section, anti-doping intelligence captured or received is handled securely and confidentially, sources of intelligence are protected, the risk of leaks or inadvertent disclosure is properly … Read more


ANTI-DOPING ATHLETES’ RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES   WHAT DO ATHLETES AND ATHLETE SUPPORT PERSONNEL NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ANTI-DOPING? “Every Athlete has the right to clean sport!” Any Athlete may be tested in- and out-of-competition, anytime, anywhere and with no advance notice. The principle of strict liability applies in anti-doping – if it is in the … Read more


ANTI-DOPING EDUCATION HOW CAN WE BETTER FIGHT AGAINST DOPING? IFBB believes that the long-term solution to preventing doping in sport is through effective prevention and clean sport values-based education programs. This way we can altogether create a strong anti-doping culture.There are a few online education programs, created by WADA and made available by the IFBB, … Read more


ANTI-DOPING WHEREABOUTS WHAT ARE WHEREABOUTS? Whereabouts are information provided by a limited number of top elite athletes about their location to the IFBB or National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) that included them in their respective registered testing pool as part of these top elite athletes’ anti-doping responsibilities. WHY ARE WHEREABOUTS IMPORTANT FOR CLEAN SPORT? Because out-of-competition … Read more