As 2015 EBFF European BodyBuilding and Fitness Championships are being celebrated at Santa Susanna, Spain, EBFF European Congress was also celebrated and directed by IFBB President, Mr. Rafael Santonja.

46 country federations atended the Congress. Among the new entries, this year there is the consolidation of some Championships like World Beach Games. Some of the programs that will be on air on IFBB TV were shown to the audience and the new IFBB online platform that will be launched very son as well.

At the Congress, there was also a special place for some awards: Italian BodyBuilding Federation President, Mr. Benedetto Mondello and Ms Olympia champion Mrs. Nicole Wilkins both recieved the IFBB Platinum Award. French BodyBuilding and Fitness Federation President, Mr. Mario Valero recieved the IFBB President Medal and Spanish BodyBuilding Federation President, José Ramos was also given the IFBB Ceremonial Sword.