Message From The President

  • Sports
  • Successful complimentary training for other sports
  • Healthy lifestyle at all ages

As sport, the IFBB organizes more than 4,000 competitions worldwide each year, in which athletes from very young ages in children fitness categories to our master bodybuilding champions, represent the maximum expectation of human physical muscular development in healthy harmony.

As complementary training for other sports, sport specialists have long known that bodybuilding-style weight-training and nutrition techniques play an essential role in preparing athletes

 to compete at the highest levels in all Olympic and non-Olympic sports.

An adapted muscle development helps the athlete to achieve his/her maximum potential in every sport.

Fitness and Bodybuilding training techniques are pioneering and most sophisticated systems to achieve strong muscular development, adapted to the highest sport performance.

The Fitness lifestyle is followed by millions of people worldwide.

Regardless age, sex, and previous physical condition, bodybuilding training and nutrition can help individuals to achieve stronger, balanced bodies with a proper control of body fat and in good health.

Fitness and Bodybuilding weight training techniques are great allies of physiologists, physiotherapists and the medical community to prevent and recover from injuries, accidents and maintain the muscular body functions in better condition for longer time.

Fitness and Bodybuilding are the ideal preventive therapy for anti-aging. In fact, the aging process is expressed physically by the progressive deterioration of lean body mass, and it is represented by the progressive loss of muscles with increase of fat and connective tissues, what brings the ultimate musculoskeletal and physical deterioration.

Numerous scientific research already proved the great efficiency of fitness training and nutrition to prevent and / or reverse this process. Recent studies have even shown that strength training can cause functional reversal of aging at the molecular level, “repairing” very poorly functioning genes of elder people. Nothing else in human history has shown the similar effect! The best visual example of it, are our athletes over 60 and plus years old, and their healthy muscular bodies.

The IFBB is very conscious of all these capacities of our sport, and includes in its board a Scientific and Research Commission, working with scientific and university institutions worldwide in elaboration of reports, participation in symposiums and congresses, and promoting antiaging fitness lifestyle in the society.

The IFBB is pleased to be active in all these areas in the strong believe that physical health is a great contribution from sport to society.

Dr. Rafael Santonja

IFBB President