1.Which are the procedures to organize an international event?

Since only National Federations may act in the capacity of organizer and may obtain official sanction from the IFBB, the contract will therefore only be agreed upon if the organizer has approval of the IFBB affiliated National Federation.

2. How an athlete must be invited to participate in international level?

An athlete cannot directly be invited to participate by the organizer of an international IFBB sanctioned event. All participating athletes have to be submitted by their IFBB affiliated National Federation to the organizer by sending the Final Entry Form with their names.

3. Can an athlete compete with another IFBB affiliated national federation? Which are the procedures to switch federations?

If an athlete moves to another country to live and work, he/she can ask for permission to compete for the country he/she resides in, but with permission of the IFBB affiliated NF in his/her native country, if was/is a member of this NF.

4. Can an athlete compete in the IFBB  after being competing with a non-approved group or at a non-approved event? What are the consequences?

Any athlete who competes in International Events not approved and/or sanctioned by the IFBB, shall be subject to: a fine and/or (a) non adverse doping test to be performed in accordance to the IFBB Anti-Doping Rules; (b) payment, by the athlete, of a reinstatement fee in an amount to be established annually by the Executive Council and (c) payment by the athlete of the doping test costs as conditions precedent for said athlete to be allowed to compete in any future international event approved and/or sanctioned by the IFBB.

5. How can a person become an IFBB athlete?

Contact the IFBB-affiliated National Federation in your country and become a member of it. Only athletes being members of the IFBB-affiliated National Federations are allowed to participate in the IFBB international events, when officially entered by their  National Federations to the said event.

6. Does IFBB Perform Doping Control? How does it work?

The IFBB has performed Doping Control since 1986. At IFBB Continental and World Championships doping control is performed:

  •  Random selection: A number of athletes selected at random throughout the event e.g. at Weigh-in or Prejudging.
  • Weighted selection: A number of athletes selected at random from among the top finalists e.g. at Finals.

The IFBB reserves the right to Target Test any athlete.

The IFBB is a Signatory to the WADA Code. Participating National Federations have a duty and an obligation to ensure that their athletes are competing drug-free to the IFBB international contests.

7. As an IFBB athlete,  am I obliged to perform doping tests if requested?

Yes, you are. The athlete’s refusal to perform doping test, constitutes the Anti-Doping Rule Violation, pursuant the current IFBB Anti-Doping Rules and the current WADA Code (article 2.3)

8. Does IFBB give courses or seminars about judging, science of training and nutrition? How does it work?

Yes, it does. The IFBB runs courses and seminars in different countries and continents, according to the current needs and yearly schedule. Participants receive adequate Certificates or Licenses at  the end of each course. To get more information contact headquarters@ifbb.com



We are immersed in a health international emergency as a consequence of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In this situation, we must follow the applicable national and international regulations and the advice from governments and sanitary authorities.

All this has to be done with positive energy and best spirit, maintaining our focus on the fact that any epidemical situation has expansion, stabilization and reduction periods, and that with adequate care, this nightmare is going to be a bad memory soon.

By all means, the integrity of our athletes, officials, judges and of all who integrate our community is now and always essential. We are a family in sport and life.

We can expect to reach the epidemic peak and a progressive settle down, as is already happening in some of the countries in suffering this situation at first instance.

In conclusion, let’s be confident and keep working as a team, following the decisions from the competent authorities. Some events have been canceled and others are being rescheduled to a new date in which we may be able to celebrate with our athletes and friends our passion for sport and healthy lifestyle.

We recommend you visit the IFBB Calendar at our website www.IFBB.com on a regular basis, so that you may be fully updated on events and schedule.

Wishing you, your families and beloved one’s good health, and hoping that the situation will be back to normality as soon as possible

All the events that were planned for March and April are being postponed and rescheduled