The Founding Fathers, Ben and Joe Weider

Ben Weider, OC, CStJ, CQ, PhD

IFBB Founder Honorary Life President

My brother Joe and I formed the International Federation of BodyBuilders in 1946.

Next year, in 2006, the IFBB will celebrate its 60th anniversary, having grown from two countries (Canada and the USA) to 174 National Federations worldwide.

The IFBB is not what it is today solely as a result of the efforts of Joe and I. Throughout its history, the IFBB has been truly blessed with the good fortune of having the right people come along at the right time.

The physique stars of today owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to those of yesterday. And I speak of the competitive spirit so alive, not only in the best of us, but also, in all of us. Not just in outstanding competitors, amateur and professional alike, but also, in highly dedicated and motivated officials, administrators, and supporters the world over.

The IFBB Hall of Fame honors these pioneers of our sport by recognizing their outstanding and enduring achievements and thus, their lasting contributions to what truly makes the IFBB what it is today – one of the greatest international sport federations in the world.

On behalf of the entire IFBB family, I wish to take this opportunity to welcome you to the IFBB Hall of Fame website.

Joe Weider

Trainer of Champions since 1936

At the beginning of the 21st century, it seems appropriate that we pause for a moment and look back on our past.

The truth is that the bodybuilding stars that currently grace the competitive stage are the product of the cumulative tradition and accomplishments of those who came before.

In order to bestow rightful and permanent recognition to those competitors and officials who truly made an impact in establishing, shaping and developing the sport, we are proud to announce the creation of the IFBB Hall of Fame.

To qualify for the Hall of Fame, a candidate must have made a major and lasting contribution to bodybuilding and fitness and must have been retired from the sport for at least five years.

Each year, we will add to the honor roll and announce new Hall of Fame inductees in FLEX magazine and on the IFBB Hall of Fame website.

I am honored to be able to celebrate with you the enduring achievements of those who truly made a memorable and lasting impact on our sport.