The beautiful and historical city of Arad host the 2018 Romanian National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, recent weekend 31st August to 2nd September, organized by Mr. Constantin Bisca and Prof. Gabriel Toncean -president of Romanian Federation (FRCF)-. The contest has been broadcasted worldwide, through video streaming, bringing the perfect promotion for our sports.

An important number of athletes participated in this Championships, divided in two days the competitive program, with a total number of 42 senior categories.  For the best Romanian athletes, this Nationals has been the perfect test, facing the coming next 12th IFBB Tiger Classic Championship – Diamond Cup Rumania that will be held, in Bucharest, next weekend 7th-9th September, open to all the European countries.

Romania has become, led by Prof. Gabriel Toncean, in a country really dynamic in Bodybuilding and Fitness activities. Besides the Nationals and the Tiger Classic-Diamond Cup, the FRFC will organize the 2018 IFBB World Cup, in Cluj-Napoca, on November 23rd – 25th.