Held on May 18th-20th, 2018, in the Ptak Warsaw Expo Exhibition and Conference Center was a part of the Go Active Show devoted to all types of fitness activity and fitness industry. It was the first (of four) big IFBB international events scheduled for Poland this year. National teams from 14 European countries, mainly from Central and Eastern Europe, came to Warsaw to participate in this event and fight for 12 Elite Pro Cards and points to the 2018 IFBB World Ranking. Among the top IFBB international stars we could see: the current European bikini fitness overall winner Maryna Oborska, European champions: Renatas Suleimanovas (Men’s Physique), Sandra Kazlauskiene (Bikini Fitness), Khrystyna Karanhel (Bikini Fitness), Neda Silkinyte (Junior Bikini Fitness overall), Katarzyna Boik (Master Bikini Fitness), Raigo Kuusnomm (Bodybuilding 75 kg), Krzysztof Skryplonek (Bodybuilding 85 kg), Ott Kiivikas (two-time European champion), Olga Kulinych (Wellness Fitness overall winner), Nikoletta Sularz (Wellness Fitness 163 cm), Viktoriia Pohribniak (Women’s Physique overall winner), 2017 Arnold Europe winner Adam Piwko (Men’s Physique) and interesting come back of the former European champion and 2014 World Championships runner-up Grzegorz Placzkowski (Men’s Physique). Plus many continental and world championships medal winners, so the sport quality of participating athletes was excellent  and there were many top duels as well as re-matches for the European Championships. The audience was delighted!

The judges panel was fully international, including IFBB international judges from Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. Chief Judges: Mr. Pawel Filleborn (Poland) and Mr. Omid Jebelli (Iran).


Finally, the IFBB Elite Pro Cards went to the following top 2 overall winners:


  1. Maryna Oborska (Ukraine) – Bikini Fitness
  2. Nataliia Bersheda (Ukraine) – Bikini Fitness
  3. Natalia Skulkina (Russia) – Bodyfitness
  4. Yana Shyrokykh (Ukraine) – Bodyfitness
  5. Szymon Kulinski (Poland) – Classic Bodybuilding
  6. Karol Kasprzyk (Poland) – Classic Bodybuilding
  7. Renatas Suleimanovas (Lithuania) – Men’s Physique
  8. Piotr Zielinski (Poland) – Men’s Physique
  9. Emil Kalenski (Poland) – Bodybuilding
  10. Ott Kiivikas (Estonia) – Bodybuilding


The rest two Pro Cards were intended for Women’s Physique category winners but there were only 2 participants, so the Cards were not presented.


Photo gallery by Mr. Sylwester Szymczuk