On Saturday, May 2nd, 2018, the 7th Polish Federation Electoral Congress took place in Warsaw, Poland. Fifty five delegates representing body building, fitness and powerlifting associations from around the country gathered in the capital city to summarize the passing four-year term activity of the Federation and it’s Executive Council. Regarding the sport successes, it was the best term in the Federation’s history, with 106 medals (31 gold + 42 silver + 33 bronze) won at the IFBB World and European Championships as well as 285 medals (118 gold + 87 silver + 80 bronze) won at the IPF World and European Championships.

Another big achievement is their cooperation with Fit Expo Shows: their bodybuilding and fitness events have become a key attraction at  the 5 biggest Expo Shows organized annually in Poland. This is a profitable solution for both parties.

According to the statisticians’ data, there are 2800 gyms and fitness centers currently operating in Poland, with around 3 million regularly working out members

And, maybe the most important part of the Congress, elections for the position of the Polish Federation President, for the Executive Council and Auditing Committee members. Both elections were run as a secret ballot.

Following his 20-year experience at this position, Mr. Pawel Filleborn was elected Polish Federation President for the next term: 2018-2022, receiving nearly 100% votes and standing ovation.

Then, the rest 16 members of the Executive Council were elected, with the following results:

  • Vice-President for Fitness: Mr. Arkadiusz Leszczynski
  • Vice-President for Bodybuilding: Mr. Andrew Michalak
  • Vice-President for Powerlifting: Mr. Grzegorz Nocek
  • General Secretary: Mr. Radoslav Grzechnik


Auditing Committee top positions:

  • Chairman: Mr. Miroslaw Grzesiuk
  • Deputy Chairman: Mr. Jan Lewandowski
  • Secretary: Ms. Katarzyna Dudek


Congratulations to the newly elected officials and we wish them a lot of success in sport and administrative activity.




Polish Federation Executive Council members for 2018-2022



Polish Federation Executive Council members for 2018-2022



All Delegates participating in the 2018 Polish Federation Electoral Congress.