The modern capital city of Kazakhstan –Astana– hosted, recent weekend 24th to 25th May, the 2019 edition of the IFBB-AFBF Central Asian Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, organized by the Bodybuilding, Powerlifting & Fitness Federation of the Kazakhstan Republic, with the participation of six countries: Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the host country, Kazakhstan.

The main winners were, as follows:


Junior: Alexandr Sheremet (Kazakhstan)

Bantam (-65Kg): Yeset Bisenbay (Kazakhstan)

Light (-70Kg): Stanislav Grossu (Kazakhstan)

Welter (-75Kg): Askar Zhanasbayed (Kazakhstan)

Light-Middle (-80Kg): Andrey Parkhomenko (Kazakhstan)

Middle (-85Kg): Sergei Kovtun (Kazakhstan)

Super Middle (-90Kg): Ivan Ronin (Kazakhstan)

Light Heavy (-95Kg): Vladislav Pikkalov (Kazakhstan)

Heavy (-100Kg): Daryn Shybayeb (Kazakhstan)

Super Heavy (+100Kg): Nizami Guliyev (Kazakhstan)

Classic Bodybuilding:

Short (-175 cm): Ruslan Latypov (Kazakhstan)

Middle (-180 cm): Dmitriy Puzhalin (Kazakhstan)

Tall (+180Kg): Aleksei Yermakov (Kazakhstan)

Men´s Physique:

Junior: Aleksandr Vassylchenko (Kazakhstan)

Short (-170 cm): Artur Tsoy (Kazakhstan)

Middle-Shot (-174 cm): Ibragim Ibragimov (Kazakhstan)

Middle (-178 cm): Ilyas Syzdykbekov (Kazakhstan)

Tall (+178Kg): Alzhan Ozbek (Kazakhstan)

Muscular: Sergei Bragazin (Kyrgyzstan)


Men´s (Open): Alexander Eshankhodjayev (Uzbekistan)

Women´s (Open): Darya Terekhova (Kazakhstan)


Short (-163 cm): Yevgenia Tyo (Kazakhstan)

Tall (+163 cm): Elena Chepkaya (Kazakhstan)


Junior: Veronica Tonkikh (Kazakhstan)

Short (-160 cm): Lleva Morozova (Kazakhstan)

Middle-Shot (-163 cm): Veronica Tonkikh (Kazakhstan)

Middle (-166 cm): Aisha Kaipova (Kazakhstan)

Middle-Tall (-169Kg): Yana Krypayeva (Kazakhstan)

Tall (-172 cm): Inna Sindeleyeva (Kazakhstan)

Super Tall (+172 cm): Tatyana Limanskaya (Kazakhstan)


Bodybuilding: Daryn Shybayeb (Kazakhstan)

Classic Bodybuilding: Ruslan Latypov (Kazakhstan)

Men´s Physique: Alzhan Ozbek (Kazakhstan)

Bodyfitness: Elena Chepkaya (Kazakhstan)

Bikini: Yana Krypayeva (Kazakhstan)

We are immersed in a health international emergency as a consequence of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In this situation, we must follow the applicable national and international regulations and the advice from governments and sanitary authorities.

All this has to be done with positive energy and best spirit, maintaining our focus on the fact that any epidemical situation has expansion, stabilization and reduction periods, and that with adequate care, this nightmare is going to be a bad memory soon.

By all means, the integrity of our athletes, officials, judges and of all who integrate our community is now and always essential. We are a family in sport and life.

We can expect to reach the epidemic peak and a progressive settle down, as is already happening in some of the countries in suffering this situation at first instance.

In conclusion, let’s be confident and keep working as a team, following the decisions from the competent authorities. Some events have been canceled and others are being rescheduled to a new date in which we may be able to celebrate with our athletes and friends our passion for sport and healthy lifestyle.

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Wishing you, your families and beloved one’s good health, and hoping that the situation will be back to normality as soon as possible

All the events that were planned for March and April are being postponed and rescheduled