•British James Watts points to new bodybuilding star and threatens Elite Pro Division (-90 kilos).

  • Spanish Maxi Rodríguez closes the season with a new gold and Juan de las Heras confirms his meteoric projection.

• German twins Marcel & Fabian Feber got all the attention in Muscular Men’s Physique.

On the verge of closing the first part of the season, in Europe; the English Grand Prix held in Reading, on June 22nd and 23rd, left us with many positive sensations, discovering new British stars such as James Watts (Bodybuilding), Jade Packer (Wellness) or Ashleigh Jackson (Bikini). All of them achieved the Elite Pro Card and showed some conditions that can lead them to be the stars of the Professional Division, in the next events.

The event was a successful organization, thanks to the experience of the IFBB General Secretary and UKBFF, Mr. William Tierney and IFBB Executive Mrs. Wanda Tierney; as well as local officials Hellen & Shawn O’Reilly who put all the attention on the athletes to have a sensational experience, laying the groundwork for 2020.

The English Grand Prix left us the following champions:


Average Weights (-80 Kg): Maxi Rodríguez (Spain)
Semi-weights (-90 Kg): James Watts (United Kingdom)
Heavy Weights (-100 Kg): Juan de las Heras (Spain)
Super Heavy Weights (+100 Kg): Besjan Osmani (United Kingdom)
Master (Open): Brett Stephens (United Kingdom)


Open: Andrei A. Adam (United Kingdom)



Master (Open): Jean Philippe Cesari (France)
Junior (Open): Kleris Area (United Kingdom)
Low Size (-173 cm): Calvin Rhun (United Kingdom)
Medium Size (-179 cm): Mario Paez (Paraguay)
Talla Alta (+179 cm): Pierre Murcia (France)
Muscular: Marcel Feber (Germany)


Junior (Open): Katie Da Silva (United Kingdom)
Master (-163 cm): Kamila Pardamkova (Spain)
Master (+163 cm): Katerina Jakubkova (United Kingdom)
Low Size (-160 cm): Viktorijaa Raminaviciute (United Kingdom)
Medium size (-166 cm): Ashleigh Jackson (United Kingdom)
Talla Alta (+166 cm): Kristjana Kristiusdottir (Iceland)


Low Size (-158 cm): Catuxa Vázquez (Spain)
Size High (+158 cm): Jade Packer (United Kingdom)



Low Size (-163 cm): Jasmina Sánchez (Spain)
Talla Alta (+163 cm): Olga Upelniece (United Kingdom)
Master: Olga Upelniece (United Kingdom)



Open: Phoebe Black (United Kingdom)

OVERALL BIKINI FITNESS: Ashleigh Jackson (United Kingdom)
OVERALL BIKINI MASTER: Kamila Pardamkova (Spain)
OVERALL BODYFITNESS: Olga Upelniece (United Kingdom)
OVERALL WELLNESS: Jade Packer (United Kingdom)
OVERALL MEN’S PHYSIQUE: Calvin Rhun (United Kingdom)
OVERALL BODYBUILDING: James Watts (United Kingdom)