She is 16 years old and has been involved in sports since childhood. From the ages of three to six, she practiced artistic gymnastics. Then, for six years, she devoted herself to sports dancing, including disco and hip-hop, under the guidance of her dance coach Yulia Plyusnina.

After leaving dancing, Yulia introduced her to acrobatic fitness. Initially, she didn’t have a strong desire to pursue it, but with her mother’s encouragement, they decided to give it a try.

Preparations for the first spring competitions began in January 2023. She became the Champion of St. Petersburg and Russia in the Acrobatic Fitness Junior category. Subsequently, she was accepted into the Pro Athletes Factory team, where she prepared for fall competitions in two categories: Juniors and Women’s Acrobatic Fitness. Despite having only two years of experience in acrobatics, during the season, she won all acrobatic fitness nominations and received five gold medals.
Currently, she leads the IFBB World Tour Ranking Champion Women’s Fitness 2023. Congratulations Aleksandra!