The beautiful Caribbean island welcomed Dr. Rafael Santonja, the president of IFBB, along with members of the executive board and delegations from the Central American and Caribbean Confederation, who gathered in Aruba for the Intercontinental Championships and this year’s Central American and Caribbean Congress, which was also an electoral event.

All the attendants of the Congress were very honored to count on the presence of Ms Nicole Hoevertsz , Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, with whom President Santonja held a very nice dinner after the congress.

At the CAC Executive Exco Members Elections, Mr. Tony Peña, from Dominican Republic resulted elected as President for the next four years term, taking the torch from Giovanni Arendsz, former President and current IFBB Vice President for the Caribbean.

Distinguished authorities were in attendance at the Central American and Caribbean Championships and were honored with IFBB awards:

  • Ms. Nicole Hoevertsz, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee.
  • Honorable Charles Griffith, Minister of Youth, Sport & Community Empowerment of Barbados.
  • Honorable Endy JH Croes, Minister of Education and Sports of Aruba.
  • Mr. Giovanni Arendsz, Vice president of IFBBfor the Caribean who has done an excellent work for many years promoting our sport throughout the region.
  • Mr. Tony Peña, the new president of the Central American and Caribbean Confederation.
  • And Mr Roger Boyce who organizes every year in Barbados, one of the largest professional events in the world.

Congratulations to the entire Caribbean team for the excellent work accomplished