Great success in the organization of the Arnold Classic Europe in Santa Susanna, with the presence of athletes from 50 countries, a memorable record in this difficult year, the Arnold Classic Europe maintained a solid worldwide presence of this great event.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger opened the finals of the professional championships with a warm message that fulfilled with motivation and enthusiasm to all the attendants.

Among other great champions we highlight the overalls winners of the amateur competition that were in the Bodybuilding category, Martin Drab from the Czech Republic, in Men’s Classic Physique, Safier Iancu-Koorndijk from Romania, in Men’s Classic Bodybuilding, Alexey Syurtukov from Russia, in Men’s Physique, Bleiquel Colina from Venezuela, in Bikini Fitness, Wiktoria Nnaka from Poland, in Bodyfitness, Alina Wilhelm from Germany, in Women´s Fit Model, Viktoriia Lytvynenko from Ukraine, and in Wellness, Dagmara Dominiczak from Poland .

The professional event, the winners were in Bodybuilding, Michal Krizanek from Slovakia, Bikini Fitness, Oksana Bryhidir from Ukraine, Men’s Classic Physique, Serhii Danilets from Ukraine, Wellness, Lexy Oliver from Brazil, Men’s Physique, Dmytro Horobets from Ukraine, in Bodyfitness, Adela Ondrejovicova from Slovakia, and in Women’s Fitness Nikolett Szabo from Hungary.