Another incredible edition of the Arnold Classic took place this past weekend in Madrid. Once again, thousands of athletes from over 40 different sports disciplines and companies from the fitness industry came together in an event that reflects the significant growth of sports and the healthy lifestyle.

In the amateur competition, which spanned three intense days and featured over 900 athletes from around the world, the winners were:

Master Men’s Classic Bodybuilding: Francisco Gomez.
Master Men’s Bodybuilding: Rok Tomazin.
Men’s Classic Physique: Filip Dropulic.
Master Women’s Bikini:Olga Boldusieva.
Men’s Bodybuilding:Jonathan Rouch.
Women’s Bikini: Amalie Fossland.
Women’s Fit-Model OVERALL Yuri Yasui
Women’s Wellness OVERALL Anamaria Medak
Men’s Physique OVERALL Danylo Tsypko
Among others.

There was also a new edition of the IFBB Elite Pro World Championship, with the participation of a hundred competitors at the highest competitive level, in an impressive sports show. Here are the winners:

Men’s physique: Dmytro Horobets.
Body fitness: Alina Yaman.
Bodybuilding: Mika Sihvonen.
Bikini fitness: Marina Mocanu.
Classic physique: Yuri Valentin.

Congratulations to all the participating athletes for this great 2023 edition of the Arnold Sport Festival.