In Johannesburg, South Africa, a new edition of the Arnold Classic Sport Festival Africa was held, an event that continues to grow each year!

The event brought together bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts from all over, creating an atmosphere filled with energy and sportsmanship. In the amateur show, the following athletes were winners:

Helena Goncalves from Angola in women’s wellness category
Julio Simbine from Mozambique in Mens physique and
Elizangelo Ribeiro from Angola in Classic physique among others,

while in the professional show, the following athletes took home the gold:
ANASTASIIA ZOLOTAIA in bikini fitness category
LUIGIA BAGGETTA in master body fitness
SAMUEL NZAGI in mens physique
VENANCIO BENTO EPOLUA in bodybuilding and
PEDRO QUIALA PEREIRA in master bodybuilding
Congratulations to the organizers and athletes for being part of this great sports event.