A journey of eight years dreaming of success.
It was 2016 when she first walked through the doors of a local gym to prepare for her first competition.

She has always had a passion for sports and wanted to excel in something, aiming to be the best of the best.

This has been the driving force throughout her eight years of training.

Born in the Czech Republic, she lives in Slovakia and has been working for the Slovak Republic Armed Forces for the past 10 years, currently serving as the Chief of the General Staff with the rank of Captain.

She spent a year on a peacekeeping mission in Cyprus, which did not stop her from continuing her preparation, and eventually, victories came: 7 gold medals, one overall, and two professional victories in five competitions in the spring season, and now a gold medal and an overall victory at the World Championship.
A dream come true.

Her goal for the upcoming season is to perform even better at the European Championship, Arnold, and also at the World Championship, aiming to defend her title as the absolute world champion.