Another amazing experience in China, with the “Ximei Culture Cup Elite Qualifier” event organized by the Chinese Federation (CBBA) chaired by Mr. Zhang Haifeng, at the modern China International Exhibition Center, in Beijing.

The competition, extended for 2 days (17th and 18th November) and broadcasted by live streaming, offered the next winners:

Men´s Physique (Short Class): Yu Kai (China)

Men´s Physique (Short Class): Liu Mao Yi (China) OVERALL Winner

Classic Physique: Li Liang (China)

Classic Bodybuilding: Zheng Shao Zhong (China)

Bodybuilding: Wang Hua (China)

Bikini (Short Class): Zheng Xuefei (China)

Bikini (Tall Class): Oksana Oleynik (Russia) OVERALL Winner

Bodyfitness: Zhou Yan Fan (China)

Picture (By Steven Sun): Top 6 Bikini Fitness Tall Class