Led by its president, Mr. Andre Wouters, the Belgium Interfederal Fitness & Bodybuilding Federation (BIFBB) celebrated its Annual Assembly, recent Sunday 21st January, with a wide participation of athletes and officials.

For the third year in a row, the BIFBB finished the 2017 increasing the figures of members and events celebrated in the country and its activities, as doping tests; with 38 controls performed in the season.

During the Annual Meeting, the best BIFBB athletes were awarded, as well as president Wouters who made 25 years of loyalty and hard work for the IFBB. The full list of awarded athletes is, as follows:

David Siharath Men’s Physique (Junior)
Ke-Shen Lian Men’s Physique
Mika Deryck Muscular Men´s Physique
Djeini Doumbia Bodyfitness
Margaux Peleman Bikini (Junior)
Irmina Galdikaite Bikini
Ekaterina Franck Bikini (Master)
Michelle Dewestelinck Wellness
Chemsou El-Bey Bodybuilding
Antonio De Quintana Bodybuilding (Master)
Helen Huiswoud Master of the Masters (57 years old)
Remi Ganzeman Classic Bodybuilding

Picture: BIFBB president, Mr. Andre Wouters, awarded by his
two Vice-presidents, Mr. Steven Segers and Mrs. Fabienne Antoine, in recognition of his 25 years of loyalty for IFBB / BIFBB.