Bodybuilding is strong in Nepal – the millenary country with the highest mountains on Earth- led by the Nepalese Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (NFBF) chaired by Mr. Jones Colin Lokendra; always attending the main Asian and International IFBB events.

Besides its own calendar where Nepal is living in 2075, right now; the NFBF is perfectly integrated into the IFBB and the Asian Federation (AFBF) calendar, hosting important events as the 2018 South Asian Championships that will be held coming next 23rd to 25th November in Kathmandu, the Nepal capital city.

The national activity has been boosted, in this year, with important events as the recent 2018 Mr. Pokhara celebrated the weekend 3rd-4th August, in this touristic beautiful city, with near 100 athletes participating and where Monoj K.C. was elected as the overall winner in Bodybuilding. In less than 10 days, Nepal and the NFBF will host the 2nd. Nationwide Bodybuilding Championships, in Kathmandu (17th & 18th August) with a participation expected over 150 Nepalese athletes.

Aghi badha, Nepal…! (Go ahead, Nepal!)