The 1st. IFBB Elite Pro-Am Goiania, celebrated in Brazil -9th t0 11th March-, has been a great opportunity to meet the new stars from the Brazilian National Federation (CBMFF) and South American Confederation (CSFF).

The Amateur competition it was included in the IFBB World Ranking, with points for the Top 5 in every category, and the overall winners in Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Bikini, and Wellness received the Elite Pro Card and participated at the Pro show, with 30.000 $ in cash prizes.

Champions were, as follows:

Bodybuilding (-90 Kg): Bruno Costa (Brazil)
Bodybuilding (+90 Kg): Luciano Marcel (Brazil)
Bikini (-165 cm): Rosiane dos Santos (Brazil)
Bikini (+165 cm): Desiree Gadelha (Brazil)
Men´s Physique (-179 cm): Guilherme Ferreira (Brazil)
Men´s Physique (+179 cm): Pedro Teixeira (Brazil)
Wellness: Ana Cardoso (Brazil)

Overall champions & Elite Pro contenders:

Bodybuilding: Bruno Costa (Brazil) 6th place Elite Pro Championship
Bikini: Rosiane dos Santos (Brazil) 4th place Elite Pro Championship
Men´s Physique: Pedro Teixeira (Brazil) 2nd place Elite Pro Championship
Wellness: Ana Cardoso (Brazil) 3rd place Elite Pro Championship

Picture: Bodybuilding overall winner, Bruno Costa; joined by Dr Rafael Santonja and CBMFF president, Prof. Mauricio de Arruda.