Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) held an amazing 1st. edition of the IFBB Diamond Cup Spain, with the participation from athletes from more than 30 IFBB-affiliated National Federations and the 5 continents.

Organized by the Spanish Bodybuilding Federation (FEFF) chaired by Mr. José Ramos and Madrid Bodybuilding Association (AMCFF) chaired by Mr. Javier Parra; the event was an important chance to host again, in Madrid, an important international event, near the IFBB Headquarters. President Santonja attended the event and awarded the main champions that were, as follows:

BIKINI: Kseniia Sheveleva (Russia)

BODYFITNESS: Alina Yaman (Ukraine)

WELLNESS: Olga Kulinych (Ukraine)

WOMEN´S PHYSIQUE: María Teresa Pérez (Spain)

MEN´S PHYSIQUE: Juan Manuel Izquierdo (Spain)

MUSCULAR MEN´S PHYSIQUE: Heiderber Rodríguez (Spain)

CLASSIC BODYBUILDING: Jesús Rodríguez (Spain)

BODYBUILDING: Abel Martín (Spain)