The executive committee of the European Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness held its annual meeting last weekend in Madrid

At this meeting, the President of the European Federation, Dr. Rafael Santonja, and the executive members of the federation, reviewed the activities of the 2021 season,

They also evaluated all the activities planned for 2022, emphasizing the European championships, which, as every year, will take place in Santa Susana,

The amazing event “Siberian Power Show”, in krasnodars,

The new Mister Universe events, with special attention to the one to be held in Prague,

The Arnold Sport festival, which this year will host the Fitness Sport Games, next September in Seville,

from over 30 international events that the European continent will host this year,

Among the 2000 national, regional, and local competitions, planned to be organized by the 45 national federations affiliated to the European Federation.

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