The first Egyptian Cup of Fitness Challenge 2024 competitions were concluded, the first fitness championships recently included in the
plans of the Egyptian Federation for Bodybuilding and Fitnessn Championships, which were held in the gymnasium in the Suez
Governorate, under the patronage of Dr. Adel Fahim, President of the Egyptian, Arab and African Federation and physical fitness, in the
presence of the champion and international referee Ahmed Abdel Aziz, and the heads of regions and administrators of the Egyptian Federation for Bodybuilding and Fitness.

More than 100 male and female players representing 11 sports bodies participated in the tournament.

Everyone praised the organization of the tournament, which was held at the highest level. The tournament was technically managed by the
international jadge Mohamed Mohsen, and the tournament referees were headed by Dr. Maram Saeed, the international judge, with a
refereeing team at the highest level.

Fitness challenge is a new revolution in the fitness world.