The first edition of the IFBB European Fit Model Cup proved that Fit Model discipline definitely has its future and, as a proof, two new events will be held, in Latvia, on 2018.

With a great and stunning show, held in Riga -capital city of Latvia-, the 1st. IFBB European Fit Model Cup took place on recent 19th of November.

A total number of 26 athletes from 6 different countries took part in the Championships. where, according to IFBB rules, athletes were divided into 3 categories. The 1st. round was in one-piece tight-fitting swimsuit and, the 2nd. round (reserved for Top 6) was the presentation of the athlete in the evening gown.

Immediately following the Award Ceremony for the last Fit Model category, the Overall category took place and Alisa Mikhailenko (Russia) won the first historical Overall Champion title.

The Championship showed that Fit Model category is actual today and fit well, among the IFBB Women’s sport disciplines, because it is not only attractive and feminine: it´s also very sporty, which is the main criteria for being a part of the IFBB sport family.

Fit Model athletes demonstrated good shaped bodies and beautiful visual style. They were dressed in very elegant swimsuits; performed I-walk in sophisticated evening dresses and all of them showed their natural beauty featuring their athletic bodies.

The next challenges for the athletes in this discipline are already scheduled, with Latvia as host country:

22nd. April 2018: European Fit Model Cup
14th Octobre 2018: World Fit Model Cup

Results (Top 3):

FIT MODEL SHORT (-163 cm):
1st place: Marina Shuktomova (Russia)
2nd place: Maria Efimova (Russia)
3rd place: Irina Ivanova (Estonia)

1st place Alisa Mikhailenko (Russia)
2nd place Julija Korototš (Estonia)
3rd place Julija Artiomova (Lithuania)

FIT MODEL TALL (+168 cm):
1st place Anzhelika Moiseenko (Russia)
2nd place Maryna Polapa (Ukraine)
3rd place Olena Bokhan (Russia)

Overall Winner: Alisa Mikhailenko (Russia).

Picture: The Super Final with Anzhelika Moiseenko, Alisa Mikhailenko and Marina Shuktomova.