In the Caribbean island of Barbados, the Roger Boyce Classic Qualifier was held from June 1st to 4th, bringing together a large

number of athletes from the Caribbean and Latin America.


The competition also featured an Elite PRO professional show, which this year also celebrated the Women physique World Championship.


The winners were:


Women’s Wellness : Sherea Clarke Jamaica

Men’s Physique: Tony Jacobs Antigua & Barbuda

Women’s Bikini: Makiva Elvin Antigua & Barbuda

Men’s Bodybuilding: Jose Armando Felix Mexico


Roger Boyce IFBB Elite Pro Classic

Bodybuilding: Eddy Wilson, Suriname

Classic physique: Lamarr Akeem Coward, Barbados

Men’s physique: Daniel Haughton, Jamaica

Women’s physique: Elaine Cordeiro, Brazil

Body fitness: Dionne Thompson, Barbados

Wellness fitness: Karen Lewis Louis, Haiti

Bikini fitness :Kimberly Percival, Antigua & Barbuda


Congratulation to all competitors!