International Federation keeps working actively in its educational, aim with athletes and coach, through IFBB Academy, offering internationally accredited Bodybuilding and Fitness Certifications.

One of the areas in which IFBB Academy is more active is in the Middle East and,

specifically, at the United Arab Emirates (UAE), led by Mr. Zayed Al Jallaf and Mr. Abdul Kareem Mohammed Saeed -a pioneer of Bodybuilding in the country-. Recently, the multicultural city of Dubai -one of the hottest places for Bodybuilding- hosted a two days course, based on training for our sports, with a great success of participation from athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts.

The course had the presence of one of the most charismatic leaders of Bodybuilding: Dr. Adel Fahim El Sayed, IFBB Vice-president for Africa and Executive Assistant to IFBB President. With his presence in Dubai, the event became even more attractive for the students, which received its individual diplomas fully recognized by IFBB.

More info about IFBB Academy and its courses: http://www.ifbbeducation.com

Picture: Students and Presenters, at the Dubai IFBB Academy course (above) and Dr. Adel Fahim El Sayed awarding students, joined by Mr. Abdul Kareem Mohammed Saeed (below).