Last weekend we experienced a high-level sports encounter in the United Arab Emirates.

The majestic Habtoor Grand Resort served as the platform for a bodybuilding competition, a multisport event, and an expo that brought together the entire fitness industry in Dubai. A fantastic atmosphere of sport, friendship, and all the vibrant colors that passionate enthusiasts of this sport enjoy.

Organized by Mr. Bassen El Jawhari, a talented sports promoter who has been organizing competitions since 2015, including original events like the Dubai Muscle Beach.
The event featured the presence at the awards ceremony of the president of the International Federation and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sharqi, president of the Bodybuilding Federation of the United Arab Emirates.

President Santonja recently met with the CEO of C5, Mr. Ahmed Al Nasan, sponsor of the event and of one of the companies that is rapidly advancing in the world of fitness and nutrition, highlighting the importance of their collaboration for the success of the event. The high-quality products and modern formulations of C5 have become an essential element in the gym bag of many fitness enthusiasts.

Binous Gym in Dubai was the venue for athlete registration and weighing. Recalling the golden era of bodybuilding in the 1920s, when California and the famous Gold’s Gym were the epicenter, today, undoubtedly, the fitness mecca is found at Binous Gym in Dubai. This gym has earned the title of favorite among champions.

Some of the standout athletes:
Men’s Physique OVERALL:Ali Dawi Alnaqb
Men’s Classic Physique OVERALL:Mohammad Ali Khazaei
Men’s Bodybuilding OVERALL:Ahmed Sayed Shaaban
Women’s Bikini OVERALL: Alena Schulmina
Women’s Fit- Model OVERALL: Angelina Erivantseva
Men’s Classic Bodybuilding OVERALL: Mohammadjavad Izhakipoor

Congratulations to the entire IFBB team for this amazing event!