The Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, under the leadership of its president, Mrs. Monica Muresan, celebrated the 3rd edition of the IFBB International Grand Prix in the city of Cluj Napoca!

President Santonja traveled to Romania and visited the renowned university city. During the visit, he accompanied Gabriel Toncean, Deputy Minister of Sports in Romania and executive director of the International Federation, to meet with the Mayor of Cluj Napoca, H.E. Emil Boc, former Prime Minister.

The visit was highly productive in a city that actively embraces sports and is poised to host significant future international IFBB events. The IFBB President extended his best wishes to Emil Boc, who is currently running for the presidency of the Republic and has excellent prospects.

The President also joined Gabriel Toncean in celebrating the magnificent International Grand Prix of Romania and the National Championship, which featured over 800 athletes at the impressive facilities of BT Arena. During the inaugural ceremony, the President presented the IFBB Medal of Honor to the Secretary of State, H.E. Abrudean Mircea, in appreciation of the Romanian government’s support for bodybuilding, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.