Last weekend, the “IFBB NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2023” was successfully held.

The event took place in Mexico City at the Teatro Ferrocarrilero, a venue known for hosting the best bodybuilding and fitness events in Mexico and serving as the location for numerous international championships throughout its history.

The event, excellently organized by the IFBB team, led by the vice president for North America, Marco Antonio Cabezas, featured athletes from the United States of North America, Guatemala, and Mexico.

In a day filled with pure sportsmanship, 8 IFBB ELITE PRO cards were awarded.
Here are the winners:

Overall Women’s Bodyfitness: Jessica Marlen Hernández Hidalgo
Overall Master Men’s Bodybuilding: Mauricio Irán Arguelles Hernández
Overall Women’s Bikini: Clara Elizabeth Pineda Rodríguez
Overall Women’s Wellness: Paola Gabriela Betancourt Padrón
Overall Men’s Classic Physique: Óscar Eduardo Jair López García
Overall Men’s Physique: Gerardo Guillen Gutiérrez
Overall Men’s Bodybuilding: Roberto Carlos García Moreno

Congratulations to the IFBB Mexico team for another fantastic edition of this historic championship.