Montreal, the first place where its Headquarters were located and a mythic place related with Bodybuilding -2014 World Fitness Championship were held there-; offered last weekend another evidence about the strength and capacity of the IFBB.

The recent IFBB Montreal Pro Qualifier event, held in Laval City from 19th to 20th May, it was another great success for the history of Bodybuilding and Fitness, in Canada. Organized under the experience of former professional athlete and current international Head Judge, Mr. Joe Spinello; the event has the full support of the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF) and the Association of Physiques Quebec; boosting the prestige of the competition.

The competition, in which participated a wide number of American athletes, it was included in the 2018 IFBB World Ranking, bringing important points to the Top 5 athletes in every absolute category. Besides, the Top 3 overall Division winners took the right to apply for the Elite Pro Card, under the approval of their respective National Federations.

Picture: Canadian IFBB Officials, surrounding organizer Mr. Joe Spinello and General Secretary, Mr. William Tierney, at the IFBB Montreal Pro Qualifier.