The current president and founder of the Russian Bodybuilding Federation (Федерация бодибилдинга России), Mr. Vladimir Dubinin, has been appointed as new IFBB Patron, during the 71th Annual World Congress, celebrated in Benidorm (Spain), recent 3rd. Novemeber 2017.

Mr. Vladimir Dublin, born in Sant Petersburg (Leningrad), in 1948; was one of the founders of the Bodybuilding Federation, in Soviet Union, who was recognized by the IFBB, in August 1987. He has a solid past as lifter and Bodybuilding athlete, beside an amazing experience as official. He was the head of the Soviet Bodybuilding Judges Committee, when the Soviet Federation was recognized and, since then, he never stop working for the sport in Russia and former Soviet Union.

Under his guidelines as president, Bodybuilding and Fitness has grow, in Russia, in a fantastic manner, reaching several international titles and hosting several IFBB events, including World and European Championships. Fully compromised with IFBB, the Russian Federation will host, in 2018, an international IFBB Pro Elite event that will include, as well, a Pro Elite Qualifier Grand Prix.

Picture: Mr. Vladimir Dubinin, new IFBB patron, with IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja: a solid friendship born in 1987.