Once again, the city of Vilnius, Lithuania, was filled with elegance, glamour, and sport. A new edition of the IFBB World Fitmodel Championship took place at the Avia Solutions Group Arena, where a large number of athletes attended.

Organized by the Lithuanian federation and its president, Sandra Martinkiene, the event was a display of brilliance and color, showcasing how sports dressed up in style in this incredible category of IFBB.

The most outstanding athletes were:

Women’s Fit- Model OVERALL:8 Regina Mandrika

Women’s Fit- Model up to 172 cm: Teng Yu
Women’s Fit- Model up to 168 cm: Hanna Tunik
Women’s Fit- Model up to 160 cm: Anastasia Iliuk
Master Women’s Fit- Model Open:32 Diana Skukauske
Beginner Women’s Fit- Model Up Open:16 Dariia Savula-Lytvin
Men’s Fit- Model Open: 105 Wu Bo

Congratulations to the IFBB Lithuania team for the great show they put on.