Recent Sunday 15th, 8 athletes from IFBB Physique America made their debut in IFBB Elite Pro Division, at the 2018 IFBB Montreal Pro Championship, celebrated in Montreal (Canada).

The IFBBPA Executive Assistant to the President, Mr. James Rockell, celebrated the appearance:  We are thrilled with the professionalism exhibited not only on the stage but also throughout their stay in Montreal. And keeping to our word, the 8 athletes had their expenses paid to Montreal for their Pro Debut”.

This great news reveals the upgrowth of the IFBBPA under the leadership of president Wayne S. DeMilia, with every time more athletes and promoters joining the project.  We are the only Amateur Federation in the United States that give expense paid trips away at every event. We are slowly changing the sport into something that we all can be proud of” boasts IFBBPA Executive Director, Dr. John V. Calascione.

Picture (by Garry Bartlett): For left to right: Physique Competitor, Taylor Lapnow; Physique Competitor, Manuel Deleo; Figure Competitor, Tiffany Waddell; IFBBPA Executive Assistant, Jim Rockell (partially hidden); Figure Competitor, Nicole Melillo; IFBBPA CEO/President, Wayne S. DeMilia; Texas Promoter ,“Big” Don Robinson; IFBBPA Executive Director, Dr. John V. Calascione; CT Chairman, Al Alfredo; Wellness Competitor, Ludmila Ornelas; Classic Bodybuilding Competitor, Jonathan Reid (partially hidden), Figure Competitor, Jennie Porcelli and Classic Bodybuilding Competitor, Shon Roberson.