She has always been an athletic girl, and for many years, she was involved in competitive horseback riding.


Growing up, having bigger legs wasn’t always something she was proud of, until she stumbled across a video on YouTube of a Wellness Fitness competition about eight years ago. She thought the competitors looked amazing, and from then on, she started to embrace her physique and began going to the gym more regularly.


In her first competition, she came in second after Caroline Danbo, who later that year went on to win the European Championships. This served as a real inspiration for her to continue progressing.


Last year was incredible for her, as she achieved victory in Arnold the Swedish, the Nordic, and the World Championships all in one year, allowing her to travel extensively across the globe while pursuing her passion. This year, her focus is on competitions she hasn’t experienced before, with Miami and Dubai being the first stops, and she remains open to wherever the season may lead.


Accompanying her on these journeys is her boyfriend and videographer, Mike, enabling them to create content and YouTube videos in each location and at every competition. Their hope is that this can inspire someone else to pursue their dreams.


Beyond her fitness pursuits, she works as an E-Commerce manager for a skincare and beauty products company. Additionally, she has her own brand of dog shampoo and conditioner, known as STHLM DOGSPA, which is sold all over the world.