Last weekend, a vibrant sports spectacle unfolded in Miami, Florida! At the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the heart of Miami, the first edition of the Campeonato panamericano took place in conjunction with the 2023 Miami Grand Prix for bodybuilding and fitness. These two championships brought together athletes from 20 countries in the region, including notable participation from European representatives such as Romania and Sweden, among others. Certainly, an event that continues to grow every year and that reflected the great work of Carlos Cortez and the organizing team. We had the presence of IFBB President Rafael Santonja, the President of the South American Confederation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, Juan Paredes, IFBB Vice President for North America Marco Antonio Cabezas and renowned officials from the region who collaborated in making this event a success, demonstrating excellent teamwork, something that characterizes the IFBB family around the world. Here are some standout athletes: Miami Grand Prix Women´s Bikini OVERALL: Darrla gomez Women´s Wellness OVERALL: Jessica Pap Men´s Bodybuilding OVERALL: Jeremaih Kenny-Wright Campeonato Panamericano Women´s Bikini: Elizabeth Pineda Women´s Fit-Model: Veronica Rodriguez Men´s Classic Bodybuilding: Mazssuell Vellejos Among others. Congratulations to all the athletes and the organizing team for the fantastic championship held this weekend.