Leaded by new national president, recently elected, Mr. Balkissoon Parsad; Bodybuilding keeps growing in Mauritius from the hand of FBBA (Federation of the Bodybuilding Association) that celebrated, recent November 12th, the 2017 Mr. & Miss Flaco Bodybuilding Championships and, on November 13rd., the Mr. Moka Bodybuilding Championships.

The main results where, as follows:

Mr. & Miss Flaco Bodybuilding Championships:

Winner Novices: Ludesh Jungly
Winner Novices (Women): Annesophy Roussety
Winner Senior -65 kg: Sanjayduth Maton
Winner Senior -100 kg: Jean Philipe Hovas

Overall Mr Flacq Body Building Championship 2017:
1st Place: Sanjayduth Maton (P. Balkissoon Gym)
2nd Place: Jean Philippe Hovas (P. Balkissoon Gym)
3rd Place: Lidesh Jungly (P. Balkissoon Gym)

Overall Women´s:
1st Place Miss Annesophy Roussety (P. Balkissoon Gym)

Mr. Moka Bodybuilding Championships:

Winner Junior +80kg: Lavish Bumma
Winner Senior -65 kg: Abdool Chamurally
Winner Senior -70 kg: Vivekanand Appadoo
Winner Senior -90 kg: Aveenash Appadoo

Overall Mr Moka Body Building Championship 2017:
1st Place: Tony Gilbert Lajoie (Strong Barbell Gym)
2nd Place: Aveenash Appadoo (Strong Barbell Gym)
3rd Place: Lavish Bumma (Strong Barbell Gym)

The next great event in the country will be the Mr Mauritius National Body Building Championship, held next Saturday 2nd December 2017 in a great venue: the Rollande Hungley Municipal Multipurpose Hall Plaisance.