Prague, known as the heart of Europe, shone with unparalleled sporting splendor last weekend. Athletes from all over Europe gathered on the stage of the Mr. Universe Prague 2024, a landmark edition of this prestigious championship that spans continents and cultures.

The magnificent organization led by the team of the Czech Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, headed by Mr. Roman Hajabac, was evident in every detail of the event, which stood out for its athletic competition and the excellent atmosphere created, filling the Rokytka Sports Complex with a large number of athletes and fans, reflecting the shared passion for sport and bodybuilding.

Among the winners of this edition, the following names stand out:

Men’s Bodybuilding Overall: Petter Vindenes
Women’s Wellness Overall: Nataliia Korniiuk
Men’s Physique Overall: Bronislav David
Women’s Bikini Overall: Katerina Ottova

Congratulations, Prague, for successfully hosting this extraordinary edition of Mr. Universe!