Another amazing and challenging weekend for Bodybuilding and Fitness, in Nafplio!

Led by promoter Tassos Koligkionis and the Greek Federation, the beautiful and touristic village is hosting from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th, the 1st. IFBB Nafplio Classic in which are registered athletes from 22 countries, fighting out for the Elite Pro Cards and the awards.

The competition -Saturday 7th- will be held in the Municipal Stadium of Nafplio, located in the middle of the city, and will be attended by the Mayor of the city, Mr. Dimitris Kostouros. The schedule will be divided in two sessions:

  • Morning Session (from 10:00 am):
  1. All the Junior & Masters categories
  2. Bodyfitness
  3. Wellness
  4. Women´s Physique
  5. Classic Bodybuilding
  6. Muscular Men´s Physique
  • Evening Session (from 17:30 pm):
  1. Men´s Physique
  2. Classic Physique
  3. Bikini
  4. Bodybuilding

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All the Junior and Master categories shall be performed in the morning.


Picture: Mr. Christos Gkolias (Vicepresident Greek Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation) and promoter Mr. Tassos Koligkionis, in Nafplio.