Her name is Nonna, and she is 39 years old, residing in Estonia. Her personal interests revolve around languages; she constantly strives to learn something new, which aligns with her work. As for her journey in bodybuilding, it commenced at the age of 35. Her inaugural competition occurred during the spring of 2019, at the National Estonian Cup. Subsequently, in the spring of 2023, in Estonia once again, she participated in the same Cup. In the very same year, 2023, she ventured into the European Championships in Santa Susanna. There, she achieved victory in the Bikini Fitness Masters OVERALL category and secured first place in the Bikini Fitness Seniors up to 162 cm category.

Her upcoming competitions include the National Estonian Championship in October 2023, followed by The Worlds in Santa Susanna in November. She lives by the mantra, “Never is it too late to begin pursuing your dreams.”