The Bahrain Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation has concluded its sports season for 2023, marked as one of the most outstanding and successful. During this period, the Federation achieved an impressive total of 63 medals: 23 gold, 20 silver, and 20 bronze. This new count adds to the Kingdom’s record and its collection of high-level medals and achievements, under the leadership of Mr. Sami Al-Haddad. With the aim of expanding Bahrain’s achievements and conquests, the Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation designed a strategic plan that was successfully implemented. It all began with the IV Western Asia Bodybuilding Championship, which saw the participation of athletes from various countries in the region. This event was supported by the International Federation of Fitness ans Bodybuilding, IFBB, facilitating the attainment of the highest levels of success. During this championship, 10 professional cards were awarded, and the competition was opened to athletes of all nationalities. For the next year, the Board of Directors has developed a project that includes hosting international tournaments and a series of local activities and events. The goal is to continue advancing Bahrain’s sporting achievements and consolidating its position on the international stage.