IFBB Physique America is happy to announce Todd Dery to the position of Chairman for New Hampshire & Vermont. The IFBBPA Executive Director, John V. Calascione, pontificated: “Having Todd in charge of New Hampshire & Vermont is another brick in the foundation of IFBB Physique America. He is not only a proponent for the sport, but also a business professional. People such as Todd is why IFBB Physique America different from any other Bodybuilding/Fitness/Physique organization in the US. 

Todd Dery has been involved with Bodybuilding for 25 years as a competitor, coach and trainer. He was the Teenage Bodybuilding Champion, at Green Mountain Classic, in 1993; and won the NPC Mr. Teen New England, in
1994. Todd attended the University of New Hampshire and has a Bachelors Degree in Business Development, Marketing and Promotion. He has worked in the Hospital, Radiology/Imaging and Orthopedic market as a top- ranking Sales Professional for over 20 years. Currently, he is, as well, the New England District Manager for Konica Minolta Healthcare America Inc. 

Picture: Todd Dery (left) with New England IFBBPA Vice-president, Dave Follansbee (right).