Excellent news are coming from our sport from Colombia: IFBB will participate at the next 18th Bolivarian Games that will take place, in Santa Marta (Colombia), 11th to 25th November.

Organized by the Bolivarian Sport Organization (ODEBO), this Games are one of the most traditional events from the Olympic program. For the next edition, in Santa Marta, will participate 11 countries: the 7 belonging ODEBO (Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Bolivia) plus 4 invited countries (Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Guatemala and El Salvador).

President Santonja, accompanied by IFBB Vicepresidents Eduardo Abdalah, Javier Pollock and Juan Paredes (South American Federation CSFF President) will attend this event, in the course of the fast growing activities, related with Olympic activities in the continent, that are following the recognition of our sport by the Pan American Olympic Organization (PASO).