Bikini Fitness has been one of the largest disciplines performed at the Ben Weider Legacy Cup Toronto (BWLCT) celebrated this recent weekend, 21th and 22th October, in Canada. With 6 absolute categories (by height), 3 Master categories (over 35 years old) and 1 Junior Open category (under 23 years old); the battle for the medals and titles has been a real challenge for judges!

At the end, the audience at the Delta Hotel by Marriott (formerly International Plaza Hotel) was cheering when the Overall Title, in the Super Final, went to Canadian athlete Annette Mountford. The aesthetic winner took the Gold medal in the Super Tall category (over 172 cm), defeating by almost unanimous decision (6 points) another two Canadian competitors as Jaclyn Phillips (Silver medal) and Sarah Ainsley Harrison (Bronze medal).

Qualified for the Super Final, Annette Mountford won the Overall title and the Elite Pro Card, by majority decision (8 points), but clearly as favorite from judges. The closest battle came behind, with 4 athletes in only 1 point of difference: Kai Miller(Bermuda; 2nd. place with 21 points), Petra Mace (Canada; 3rd. place with 21 points), Reyna Pérez (México; 4th place with 22 points) and Harpreet Pandher (Canada; 5th place with 22 points).

Picture: Annette Montford (Canada), overall winner in Bikini Fitness at the recent Ben Weider Legacy Cup Toronto.