Another exciting challenge for the IFBB athletes arrives from the hand of Panatta Companya leader in the World sector of sports machinery, for decades – and the Italian Federation of Bodybuilding, chaired by Mr Benedetto Mondello. The 1st. IFBB Panatta World Cup 2018 will be held, on June 1st to 3rd, in the city of Rimini; within the popular Trade Expo (Rimini Wellness Expo) that takes place in the village, at the Nord of Italy.

The competition is open to athletes from the 197 National Federations IFBB-affiliated and will distribute up to 14 Elite Pro Cards, for the two best athletes of the following disciplines:

Bodybuilding (Top 2 overall)
Classic Bodybuilding (Top 2 overall)
Men’s Physique (Top 2 overall)
Bikini Fitness (Top 2 overall)
Bodyfitness (Top 2 overall)
Wellness (Top 2 overall)
Women’s Physique (Top 2 overall).

Picture: Mr. Rudy Panatta with IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja.