In a highly productive meeting attended by members of the executive committee representing all Asian federations, international issues and the Asian competition agenda were discussed.

Were present:

Vitalii Kozhukov (AFBF President)
Sanjay More (AFBF General Secretary)
Gu Qiao (Vice President)
Faez Abdulhassan (Vice President)
Masanori Aota (Vice President)
Ludmila Elgina (Chairwoman Women’s Committee)
Rowena Walters (Chairwoman BB Committee)
Sadegh Hashemi (Chairman Development Committee)
Abdolmahdi Nasirzadeh (International Championships organizer)
Amarsaikhan (ASIAN championship organizer)
Ahmed Johar (Executive Cometee member)

This year, Asia will host the Men’s World Championships and Congress on the island of Kiss, Iran, as well as the Women’s World Championships and IFBB World Men’s Cup in Tokyo. Both programs were reviewed, and proposals that have also been discussed in European and American meetings were examined.

Among other topics, there was discussion about the official admission of the Male Fit Model category and the scheduling of rounds for this category. The program for the Asian Championship, scheduled to take place in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, next June, was evaluated. This competition will be held under the auspices of the Mongolian government president.