Roderick, born on November 3, 1982, is a passionate bodybuilder with over 25 years of dedication to the sport. Despite his extensive experience, he maintains a humble attitude, always eager to learn more. Starting his journey at 16, Roderick competed at the age of 20 and has consistently participated in contests for the past 24 years.Beyond sculpting his body, Roderick is known for his captivating posing routines.

A recent venture involves coaching, where he shares his extensive knowledge accumulated over decades. Witnessing clients achieve their goals, both on and off the stage, brings immense satisfaction to Roderick. His coaching extends beyond hardcore bodybuilding, emphasizing overall health and well-being by helping clients build muscle or lose excess fat.

Some of his sports achievements include 5 gold medals in the seniors under 90kg category in competitions held in Malta, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Rome. He also secured 5 gold medals in 5 masters contests, including the Arnold Classic, and first place in IFBB World tour ranking.

Congratulations Roderick, we love having you on the IFBB team.