Over 5.000 people visited the Siberian Power Show & Expo celebrated in Krasnoyarsk in the opening day, Sunday 8th; enjoying the multiple sports activities celebrated at the functional Siberia International & Bussiness Center.

The IFBB competition, organized under the supervision of Russian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (FBBR), chaired by Alexander Vizhnevsky;  it was the main event with a fantastic level of competitors from the former SSSR and the Middle East. During more than 8 hours, the audience of a crowded venue supported athletes in disciplines as Fit Model, Bikini (Junior & Master), Men´s & Women´s Physique, Bodyfitness, Wellness, Classic Bodybuilding, Classic Physique and Bodybuilding (Junior & Master).

A fantastic stage, built with 8 modern led-screen and professional sound; was the witness of the competition and the awards ceremonies in which participated relevant female officials as the new president of National Federation in Kyrgyzstan –Ljdumila Elgina– and professional athletes as Oksana Oleynik and Irina Zheleiko; considering it was the International Women’s Day.

Picture: Women were the main stars at the Siberian Power Show, in coincidence with the 8th March (International Women´s Day). Former international champion Anastasiia Gonchareva presented the awards in Fit Model Division.