Last Saturday the 16th of July, approximately 300 athletes gathered to Sport Institute Pajulahti, Finland for

Finnish Fitness Sport Association´s Summer Camp. The highlight of the weekend was the Rehearsal Competition.


Rehearsal competition is a Finnish Federation innovation invaded by Finnish Federation President KP Ourama. It is an event that is set up just like a normal competition, but instead of giving placings judges give direct individual feedback to the athletes.


At the Rehearsal Competition judges don’t evaluate an athlete´s condition, muscle mass or styling, only the stage presentation and posing. This is an easy access event , where all interested can try and practice competing.

The competition was supervised by Mrs. Aino-Maija Laurila, the General Secretary of Finnish Federation.


For athletes, this is a unique opportunity to practice competing and improve their stage presentation.

Practice competition is also a very good training tool for judges. At these events, judges need to be able to articulate the most essential things to each athlete to make their presentation better. Judges also need to see and evaluate each individual athlete and to be able to stand behind their opinions.


In addition to the Practise Competition the Fitness Summer Camps program held seminars, workshops and different training groups for three different levels of participants: from beginning level athletes to successful & seasoned athletes and coaches.

The official behind the high-quality program and the running of the camp was Mr. Ville Isola, the Executive Director of Finnish Federation, and also was present at the event Mr. Pawel Filleborn, the chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee & Vise President of the IFBB.