On the other hand, the federation of Serbia, with the brilliant work of its president Goran Ivanovic, organized again the World Children’s Championship in the Serbian city of Čačak

Theparticipation of more than 300 young athletes, who, accompanied by their families, enjoyed a magnificent sporting event.

From the age of 7 to 15, athletes such as Zoran Kiric, Mihai Onofrei, David Bolvari-Takacs, Filip Bodjan and Ondrej Floch were winners in male categories. In women’s categories were victorious Izabela Zawada, Nathasa Pop, Zea Somodi-Fulop, Hanna Szab, Abigel Took, Alexandra Kanova, Karina Baranyay, Patricia Toth and Fruzsina Lengyel, among many others

In the classification por teams was proclaimed champion of the world the selection of Hungary.

Apart from the success in the usual categories, they premiered celebrating for the first time the World Children’s Fitness Challenge Championship, the new revelation of the sport in both children and adults!