Led by its expert Coaches Team, the Chinese Federation (CBBA) has been able to produce a fantastic Female National Team, in the last years. 

The recent 53rd. Asian Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships celebrated in Harbin was a perfect confirmation of the Chinese leadership, in the Women’s categories. China was able to win 7 Gold medals, ahead of Korea (3 Golds), Japan (2 Golds) and Kazakhstan (1 Gold). This represented more than 50% of the titles, bringing to China 234 points and the Best Team Award over Japan (2nd place; 104 pints) and Korea (3rd place; 71 points).

FITNESS: Shu Xing Chen (China)

FITNESS (Junior): Haochen Zhang (China)

BIKINI (Junior): Wenyi Tan (China)

BIKINI (Master): Hui Zhang (China)

BIKINI Short (-163 cm): Xue Fei Zhang (China)

BIKINI Middle (-169 cm): Yu Xue Zhang (China)

BIKINI Tall (+169 cm): Yasui Yuri (Japan)

BODYFITNESS (Junior): Sofya Rybalko (Kazakhstan)

BODYFITNESS (Master): Seo Young Choi (Korea)

BODYFITNESS Short (-163 cm): Xiao Jun Chen (China)

BODYFITNESS Tall (+163 cm): Seo Young Choi (Korea)

WOMEN´S PHYSIQUE: Megumi Sawed (Japan)

WOMEN´S PHYSIQUE (Master): Sun Yim Park (Korea)


Image: Three Chinese athletes in the podium of Fitness: Lei Gao, Shu Xing Chen and Hui Zhu Ma.